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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Searching for stones in India...

I think it is very fitting that my very first entry should be from India where I am spending a few weeks traveling with my mother and visiting my Brother, Sister-in-law and two Nephews while they live in Delhi for a few. I have now been here 9 days and am enjoying myself immensely. We already taken part in a few adventures, one of which was my first overnight, Indian train ride last night from Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, to Udaipur in Rajasthan. I have spent some beautiful days in Goa further south on the beach and such with the family and have done a fair amount of shopping and sight seeing. One of the biggest things that excited me about coming to India, aside from finally learning about my heritage, has been the prospect of finding new inspiration and buying many new materials for jewelry making. So far, I have not been to the really good spots that are well known for stones & beads. In Goa, Mom, Lindsay and I went to a daytime Flea Market which is divided into sections by culture. As soon as I cam upon the Tibetan section, I knew I would find good pices. The tibetan arts have always provided with such one of a kind materials and a spirit that does more than inspire. I found a couple strands of stones that I knew were a bit overpriced for the country I am in, but couldn't refuse, I AM a sucker for stones you know ;)
In one booth I came upon a super long strand of Tibetan Turquoise that was irregularly shaped and carried the most interesting striations. I inquired about price and was immediately dissapointed, as I was quoted 8500 Rp, equivalent to $170. These are not the kind of prices that allow me to buy much, or give my clients great prices. I really wanted this strand, but was not about to pay that amount. I continued to haggle with the sweet Tibetan woman and was very impressed with my own bargaining skills. I walked out of that tent with the strand for 2500 Rp, about $50. I cannot wait to break into the strand and pick through the prettiest ones to make a new creation.
Today Mom and I are in Udaipur and found a great Rikshaw driver to take us around and show the best hidden spots of this aleged, "cleanest city in India." He caught wind of my profession, and like a few drivers before him, thought he had just the spot for em to buy my materials. Alas, it was another upscale, overpriced Indian jewelry shop whose already created necklaces of Pink Tourmaline and Sparkling Chalcedony made me drool.
I am hoping that Jaipur, our next stop which is known for buying beads, silver and textiles, will provide the tables upon tables of strands and strands of my dream beads so that I may return with fresh materials and inspiration.
Until next time...
Much love, Lauryn.